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Our next litter planned for 2015-2016

Now taking deposits!! 3 spots already taken..


           9002 Queen Road, Lakeview, OH 43331 (Logan County)| Phone: 937-844-8805        




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We have been breeding and training our German Shorthair Pointers since 2004, and we pride ourselves on providing customers with high-quality hunting, show and personal service dogs. Our Blood lines are from and following in the foot steps of feild and national champs. We are conveniently located in the HOT spot of Logan County, OH, Indian Lake.

This says alot; The breeder we purchased our first female GSP from said "These are the best dogs I've seen in a long time." Guess what? He bought a dog from us and his son too..... 

You can't make this up. This is just one of many letters and emails we get from the owners of the Quality Pointers from our stock: Please enjoy.....


I just wanted to up-date you on Lucy's progress.  On Saturday she graduated with high honors in the world of hunting.

We have been working all summer and I wasn't sure if she would look for grouse in McKean County where I have been

hunting.  I was pleasantly surprised on the first day with my limit of grouse for dinner that night and she has pointed and

flushed birds every time that we have been out.  On Saturday we were working a thicket with 9 foot tall cherry tree seedlings

which were impossible to see through let alone walk through.  Lucy got extremely birdy and was off like a shot. About 45 seconds

went by when I heard a ringer cackle and fly.  A few moments later I heard another bird go out. It is not a common thing to hear

pheasants where I hunt as there have been no pheasants stocked there for years and I have never seen a cock there since 1980.

I heeled her back and we started through the thicket where I thought the birds flew with no luck.  We circled back to a gravel

road and walked about 50 yards when Lucy locked up and pointed at a clump of weeds that I was sure held nothing but old scent.

I walked to where she was pointing and saw nothing.  She never moved until I told her to "find the bird" and then she took

what looked like a half step and locked up again.  I took a step forward and a Ring Necked Pheasant broke cover and flushed.

After the shot Lucy was on the downed bird trying to pick it up.  I told her to fetch and it looked like she had a full grown turkey

in her mouth when she brought it to me.  What a great hunter.  We have been out 12 times since grouse season has started

and she has successfully flushed 53 grouse.

I am so pleased with Lucy.  She is intelligent, mild mannered, tremendously skilled in finding birds and has the ability to learn with

very few lessons.  Thank You so much for letting me purchase her.  

Your name is well known in my hunting circle as my friends have told me that they are tired of hearing

how Great of a dog that your kennel produced.

Lucy and I are in the field every chance we get and it is a pleasure to see the

fantastic qualities in a bird dog.

I can tell you that Lucy has never had a shock collar on and she has never been hit or yelled at.  She has been trained in ten

months with repetition and reward and responds to hand signals and a whistle while we are in the field.  Her vocabulary is

limitless and understands and responds to everything that I tell her to do.  We are now using the hand signals in a casting

drill.  I heel her back to me and cast her in the direction that I want her to work.  She is doing this flawlessly and works

from the truck to the end of the day.

Our time in the field has been almost daily and since she has graduated into ringers we are going to a preserve so that

she can have fun pointing some birds that have been stocked.  Sorry I am so long winded but I can't say enough about the

quality that has been bred into such a fine pointer retriever.

Thanks Again,

Tim Rapp                            


We love to hear of such reward our pointers give our customers...  We just want to say Thanks you Mr. Rapp for giving us the chance to show you we care about the Pointers as much as your own family would, all the pups welped here will always have a place in our hearts as in yours.  And as of 2014 Mr.Rapp has another, Lizzy Roze from our line added to his crew of bird dogs.... Thanks Clayton & Cindy

Our services include:

  • Breeding AKC registered German Shorthair Pointers ONLY
  • Training of pups for the feild and in home life
  • Rescue and Rehab of un-wanted or abandoned German Shorthair's
  • Re-conforming rescues to a loving home and healthy life style
  • Exposure to other animals and children for a smooth home life and social network
  • Also have a off site traininer for in feild everyday events for a finished dog *Fees apply* this area is closed to public hunting/ training

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